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Help a patient be as pain-free as possible

£190 could help a patient be as pain-free as possible by funding a patient's pharmacy and drugs for a whole week

When patients are admitted to our Inpatient Unit it is because their symptoms are very severe and these can no longer be managed at home. They need the specialist support that our end of life care team can provide.

For both patients and their families, having the most difficult symptoms, including severe pain, brought under control gives space and freedom to focus on what is important to them.

Your gift will give peace of mind and relief from pain and other symptoms, which is central to everything we do for our patients.

What happens when you purchase your gift:

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Please note

This gift is an example of the care, compassion and comfort we provide to our patients and families and represents how your money could be used. Your generous gift will help fund our work providing care and support to adults who are living with a progressive life-limiting illness in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset area. We will spend money wherever the need is greatest.