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A call to our 24-hour advice line

£42 could pay for a call to our 24-hour advice line to help a patient or family member needing expert guidance

The Hospice Advice Line is a 24-hour phone line manned by a very experienced and dedicated team of specialist nurses. They speak around the clock to patients and carers, as well as giving expert palliative care advice to other professionals like paramedics, district nurses, GPs, care homes and prisons. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, calls to the advice line have doubled.

As Jane, our Team Leader, explains, "Generally, patients call us when something changes that they don’t understand, like for example, the symptoms they’re experiencing. Dealing with a terminal illness is terribly isolating, and that feeling has been heightened even more recently. Normal family or support networks aren’t the same, so more people are dealing with their illness on their own for periods of time which is incredibly hard and scary."

Giving this gift will provide the comfort and support needed to ensure that no one feels isolated.

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Please note

This gift is an example of the care, compassion and comfort we provide to our patients and families and represents how your money could be used. Your generous gift will help fund our work providing care and support to adults who are living with a progressive life-limiting illness in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset area. We will spend money wherever the need is greatest.